Man accused of biting part of another man’s face off during fight

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Stefan Batts

LOUISVILLE — A Kentucky man was arrested after he allegedly bit off part of another man’s face during an argument, according to WDRB.

Police went to a home in Elizabeth at about 1 a.m. Tuesday in reference to a domestic dispute. Arriving officers found two men with bloody faces. One man had a “large chunk of flesh” missing from his face and his bone was exposed.

According to anĀ arrest report, 32-year-old Stefan Batts told police that the victim and his wife walked up to his doorstep and wanted to come inside his home.

Batts said that when he pushed him away, the victim punched him in the mouth.

The victim had a different account, allegedly telling police that he saw an intoxicated Batts stumbling around outside, and when he tried to walk him back into his house, the 32-year-old bit him on the face.

Batts was arrested and charged with second-degree assault.

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