Judge sentences Panthers fan who sucker-punched another fan at game

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The Carolina Panthers’ fan who was captured on cellphone video sucker-punching another fan in the stands during the Philadelphia Eagles game in October will have to spend a few weekends behind bars, WSOC reports.

Kyle Maraghy pleaded guilty Tuesday to the assault after video of the attack went viral.

The cell phone video, which was posted on Instagram, showed Maraghy repeatedly punching a 62-year-old man sitting behind him, eventually drawing blood.

Warning: Video contains blood and violence

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#dudebro & his chicka were standing for the entire game. words gradually got more and more escalated. there previously was a single mom and her son between us, they left halfway through the 3rd. after that, the lid was off. the dude took offense to the couple never sitting down and obstructing his view. the victim telling the #dudebro how they’re being jerks and how rude they are for not sitting. the #dudebro turns around and calls the victim a “geriatric f—k”, “fa***t”, and “hick”. then sucker punches him right in the face. i don’t know if he got away or left in handcuffs, but i hope it’s the latter. edit: to clarify further, both the puncher and punchee were wearing Panthers attire. The assailant was seated in section 541, row 24, seat 10.

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A friend of the victim told WSOC that they repeatedly asked Maraghy and a woman he was with to sit down during the game.

Maraghy agreed to spend five weekends in jail, will have take anger management classes, obtain a substance abuse assessment and comply with treatment. He will also be on probation for 18 months.

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