Girl buys gifts to take to Piedmont nursing home

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Maelyn Leitch, 12, has been successful at selling her jewelry, but what she enjoys the most is being able to use that money to help others.

“It doesn't matter what it is, when she was probably 7, she wanted to start participating in childhood cancer walks and giving back to that so she has raised money for that for probably the past four or five years,” Maelyn’s mother Sherrie Leitch said.

Maelyn recently made a connection with people at a Piedmont nursing home.

“My school made socks and we wanted to give them to a nursing home and we finally found one and we brought them there. I met some of the residents and I started to like it and we kept going back. I just started to fall in love with it,” she said.

Maelyn continued to go to the nursing home.

Once a week she does a small craft with some of the people who live there and she also does a large craft once a month.

Maelyn wanted to do something special for Christmas.

“I walked around every room in the nursing home and I asked them what they wanted,” she said.

She’s been busy trying to buy items on people’s wish lists and then some.

Each person will receive a stocking and a gift bag with different items.

Maelyn spent close to $1,200 from her jewelry sales to purchase the gifts for up to 60 people.

“I tried really hard to get the stuff that they asked for because if some of their family members don't come and visit them, they might not get what they want for Christmas and I wanted to make that happen for them,” she said.

Maelyn and her mother will take the gifts to the nursing home in Kernersville on Dec. 23.

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