North Carolina sheriff addresses ‘tasteless’ photo circulated in department

(Submitted anonymously to WLOS)

HENDERSONVILLE, N.C. — Henderson County Sheriff Charles McDonald has released a statement regarding an image circulated in his department that made a joke about the drug Narcan, WLOS reports.

The image, sent to WLOS on Thursday, contains text that said Narcan has been “Robbing Darwin of his bountiful harvest since 1971.”

The anonymous sender told the station the sheriff “thinks this opioid crisis is funny” and thinks “these deaths are funny and by this picture thinks lives should not be saved.”

The image was from a May 23 interdepartmental email of crime analysis information and contained a “tasteless attempt at humor,” according to McDonald.

The sheriff’s statement said:

“Regarding the offensive slide, there is no excuse for it regardless of the intention. I’m told it was an attempt at dark humor, but it was in no way humorous, and I know it does not reflect the true heart of the actual sender, or that of our staff and volunteers.”

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