Downtown Greensboro entertainment center says parking deck could put them out of business

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- An entertainment space in downtown Greensboro says it will go out of business if the design of a planned parking deck behind their building does not change.

Cone Denim Entertainment Center owners told FOX8 that what is planned for the February One Place parking deck doesn’t give them enough space to get performers and their equipment in and out of the building. It’s also a fire hazard.

The city has been working on two proposed parking decks for months.

At a meeting Tuesday evening, it showed people the latest designs for the parking decks on February One Place and Eugene Street.

Assistant City Manager David Parrish said the city needs the decks so that businesses can grow and new developments can be built.

“Three of our four decks are full,” Parrish said.

Jeffrey Furr, one of the owners of the Cone Denim Entertainment Center, says the business won’t be able to function with how the February One Place deck is currently designed. Right now, the event center can legally use some of the space behind their building.

“Our easement will be violated in a way that prevents the trucks and trailers, that entertainers need to put on a show, from being able to get in and out in the proper order,” Furr said.

The owners sent documents to city council and the mayor on Monday hoping they will redesign the deck so there is more space behind their building and buses can get in and out two ways instead of one.

The Greensboro city attorney said the city had already considered the business' concerns in their latest design but are still negotiating with the owners. If they can’t figure it out, the city could sue the owners for the space they need.

Furr says they will fight back.

“We will basically will have to sue the city to try to get a preliminary injunction to try to stop the construction, because it will in essence put us out of business,” Furr said.

The city has checked to see how much it would cost to buy the owners out of the property.

City council is expected to vote on the funding for the parking deck projects next week.

Parrish said they could decide to have two separate votes, one for each deck, to make sure the project near the ballpark won’t be held up in case there are any issues.

He says they are hoping to start construction on both decks next year.