‘It’s a major award:’ Man builds 14-foot-tall leg lamp from ‘A Christmas Story’

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — An Iowa man is paying tribute to a classic Christmas movie in a big way!

For the second year, Tom Gross, of West Des Moines, has created a 14-foot-tall leg lamp inspired by “A Christmas Story.”

The leg lamp is made of items he had around the house, including Christmas lights, old curtains, and a volleyball net.

“People either realize what it is and freak out, or don’t know why I have a leg in my yard. If they get it, they throw the flashers on and get out of the car and have a picture taken with it. It is really awesome to see people enjoy it that much,” Gross told ABC News.

Gross says his creation is “frag-gee-leh” and has been damaged twice by strong winds.