FOX8 interviews Guilford County Schools Chief Operating Officer about decision not to cancel school on Friday

GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. – FOX8 interviewed Guilford County School Chief Operating Officer Scott McCully on Sunday about the school district’s decision not to cancel school on Friday.

The school said five buses were involved in crashes Friday amid inclement weather, while five slid off into ditches. Ten buses were left stranded.

Video obtained by FOX8 shows an overturned bus at Kivett Drive and Rock Valley Road. Only the bus driver was inside at the time.

Three students suffered minor injuries in a different crash. The students had minor injuries and have since been treated and released from the hospital.

When asked if not cancelling school was the right decision, here's what McCully said:

It was the right decision at the time, given the information that we had. If we could, we would do a do-over. If we'd had a different decision it would most likely be to a 2-hour delay or 2-hour early release.

Watch McCully answer more questions in the interview above.