Police looking for suspect who shattered local nail salon’s door and stole money

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HIGH POINT, N.C. – A nail salon found out the hard way that no cash register is safe anymore from thieves.

Miss Nails was broken into late Saturday. Police say someone shattered the front door and stole $300.

Investigators say they found fingerprints which they hope will lead to the crooks.

It's the shattered glass and broken door that have become familiar to other businesses in this part of High Point.

"It's happened twice here at our office," said State Farm Agent Sonya Hamilton.

Hamilton operates her office just a few stores away from Miss Nails.

She says someone threw a rock at her front door and broke the glass a few months ago.

"Thank goodness nothing has been taken," Hamilton said.

The same goes for James Sheppard of Sheppard and Vincent CPA's and P.C.

The break-in cost these businesses more than just what's inside their registers.

"It's about $500 to replace the glass," Hamilton said. "Then you have to replace the lettering on the glass as far as your business name and phone."

Hamilton has no idea why anyone would target her business especially with a security warning sign posted in her front window.

"We don't keep money on premise overnight so I don't know why it would be a big business you would want to break into to steal," Hamilton said.

Sheppard's biggest worry isn't the money; rather protecting his clients.

"They're not able to access any confidential information and that's the most concern for us," Sheppard said.

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