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Expecting mom says pregnancy photos show late husband’s spirit

NEW PRAGUE, Minn. — An expecting mom says she believes her maternity photos show her late husband’s spirit watching over her.

Kelly Luethe’s husband, Jarrett, was killed in a car crash in August, according to the Star Tribune.

The couple already had two children, with another on the way in January.

Luethe had a maternity photo shoot ahead of the baby’s arrival with photographer Jessica Brandau.

“As we were doing the shoot, I noticed that a rainbow had popped up in a few of the photos,” Brandau wrote on Facebook. “Kelly and I talked about how neat/cool/weird it was, and I literally had goosebumps/was on the verge of tears for most of her session.”

“Imagine how insane it was when I opened up the files on my computer and realized that the rainbows and orbs (yes I totally believe in orbs. Read up on them if you haven’t heard of them!) show up in almost all of the photos that we took that day,” Brandau wrote.

Orbs, according to the Epoch Times, are typically caused by light reflecting off dust in photographs, but some believe they are spirits.

Sharing her story with KTVU’s Frank Somerville on Facebook, Luethe wrote, “There is a rainbow on my belly in almost every picture and we had a miscarriage earlier this year so our little man (who will be named after his Daddy) is our rainbow baby. And the orbs that are shown are of my favorite color green and from doing some research on what the color of an orb means, green is from a happy spirit visiting, sending healing energy. I truly believe my husband was there and is watching over the kids and I.”