Kernersville police warn about possible holiday phone scams

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KERNERSVILLE, N.C. -- One call is all it takes for someone to steal your holiday shopping money.

According to the Kernersville Police Department, this almost happened to one person recently.

"They found it to be suspicious," said Kernersville Officer J.L. Ansel. "I don't believe they actually gave this person any money".

Ansel said the person trying to steal money posed as a member of law enforcement. An issue which always increases around this time of year.

"Well anytime anybody is trying to take advantage of somebody else's kindness, It's going to upset us," Ansel said.

He said the victim quickly noticed something was off and hung up the phone.

Once he called the police and told them what happened, that's when he found out the truth.

"The Kernersville Police Department is never going to call you soliciting for money," Ansel said.

Ansel said this is the first reported scam-like call so far this year, but it's cases which go unreported that might outweigh the ones that police actually know about.

"If they're requesting money on behalf of the Kernersville Police Department, I would just hand up," Ansel said.

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