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Burlington city leaders continue to work towards establishing violence task force

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BURLINGTON, N.C. -- Monday night was the last work session for Burlington City Council, but one of the first of many conversations surrounding how to address the violence among the young people in the community.

“It’s very close to my heart. I know the people. I know the grandmothers of some of these kids and I know what they go through,” Council Member Kathy Hykes said.

Last month, Hykes brought to the table the idea of putting together a youth violence task force unique to Burlington.

She says something had to be after 17-year-old Travonte Compton was shot and killed on Vance Street back in November

The number of violent crimes in the city tell the story.

New numbers from Burlington police say that this year alone there have been nearly 2,300 crimes reported.

More than 860 of those are violent crimes. One out of eight of those violent crimes committed by someone 17 or younger.

“I would like to find some way to reduce that number. If I need a definable point, it would be that I would want to know that whatever we are doing is having an effect,” Hykes mentioned.

Council will further discuss this task force at its January meeting.

Council members will also come up with recommendations on who could serve on this task force.

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