New cat cafe in downtown Greensboro bring visitors from all around

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- The Crooked Tail Café recently opened in downtown Greensboro and cat lovers from across the state are flocking to it!

Maura Wetzel and her friends drove from UNC School of the Arts in Winston-Salem and said, “We’re college students, so we don’t have cats to pet of our own.”

Karen Stratman, who runs the café, says the people enjoy relaxing with the resident felines, but she sees the benefits for the cats too.

“They get interaction time, they get exercise, they get socialization… so they’re very friendly cats once they get into good homes.”

Just so you know, the cat lounge is completely separate from the café, where you can get coffee, tea and locally produced goodies.

The cats who live here full-time are carefully selected from Red Dog Farm for personalities that are social and comfortable with people. In the first week, five cats found forever homes through The Crooked Tail Café.

If you’d like to visit, Karen encourages making a reservation, though it isn’t required. The phone number is (336) 550-4024, or you can drop by.

The Crooked Tail Café is located at 604 South Elm St.