UNCG students show success through fight with type 1 diabetes

As November comes to an end, so does National Diabetes Awareness Month.

But, two local students with type 1 diabetes are always working to raise awareness.

Lexi Burns and Jordy Kuiper are both UNCG students. Neither of them is from the Triad, but both are working with the local JDRF chapter to help inspire and educate others who are fighting the same disease.

Diabetes is a disease that affects the pancreas and type 1 diabetes is diagnosed during childhood. It's a serious disease that takes a toll on your body, and organs, and can be very hard to manage.

Kuiper has been managing it since he was nine, but as the captain of a Division I basketball team, he is living proof that it hasn't stopped him from achieving his dreams.

"On a basketball court, I am not always the biggest, strongest and I am not the fastest either, but the fact that someone like that can perform at a very high level and with diabetes, hopefully, anyone can draw some inspiration out of that," he said.

Both Burns and Kuiper say so many kids are told that type 1 diabetes will make life a lot harder, especially physical activity, and while they agree it does come with a lot of challenges, they want those kids to know it doesn't have to define them.

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