North Carolina Waffle House worker saves choking customer

WILSON, N.C. — Denise Baker was at a North Carolina Waffle House on Wednesday when an employee saved her life — an act of kindness she’s chalking up to her “guardian angel.”

According to a Facebook post, Baker was at the restaurant when her phone rang. She quickly answered and then started eating.

That’s when she starting choking on a piece of country ham and couldn’t breathe.

“Start choking like seriously choking can’t breathe at all kind of choking,” she wrote on Facebook. “Drop phone stand up and start banging on the counter to get attention.”

“I (thought I) was actually going to die in the Waffle House because of choking on one piece country ham,” she told WTVD. “First bite, I noticed it didn’t quite go down well, and I started hitting my chest, and at first, no one paid attention. I was very, very scared.”

Baker said she put her hands around her neck, signaling to employees that she couldn’t breathe. And that’s when she said Jay saved her life.

Baker said she’s a two-time cancer survivor who has undergone radiation for her neck. She said she sometimes has trouble swallowing food.

“To Jay, I would like to say, you have no idea the impact you’ve had on my life today,” she said. “Me being able to continue my life because of his heroic action by standing up and performing while others stood around and watched … Thank you, Jay. God bless!”