Online survey allows community members to help reshape Lexington economic development plan

LEXINGTON, N.C. -- There's always room for economic growth in any direction in Lexington.

"I would like to see maybe some small industry come," Lexington resident Tisha Tuttle said.

"I want to see more people have more jobs really," resident Tommie King said.

Some people say key investments could also trigger economic development.

"Like old buildings, like some of these mills that have just sat and fallen into disrepair," Davidson County resident Belinda Black said.

These concerns are exactly what city officials desperately need. They've now opened up an online survey so the community can help reshape the city's current economic development strategic plan.

The city also teamed up with Electricities of North Carolina Inc. to help lead the way.

"As the growth comes in, if you're not prepared for it, it can kind of get away from you," City Manager Alan Carson said.

Carson said the recent growth has somewhat exploded. He said as a result, the current plan is outdated thanks to a few economic factors like the new Lidl grocery store.

Economic development could grow even more in Lexington.

Carson said Egger Manufacturing will soon be in the Lexington/Davidson County area bringing 770 jobs.

He said it's crucial to restructure the strategic plan in order to continue the recent economic success.

"We're spending a little bit more money but we're taking some risks and right now those risks are taking off for us," Carson said.

Carson said it can only get better when people can send their ideas to their local government

"I believe then they feel confident and they're willing to take some risks and do some things too," Carson said.

The online survey to fill out is found on the city’s website.

The deadline to complete it is Dec. 8.