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Mom who rescues horses speaks out about daughter’s animal cruelty arrest in Lexington

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LEXINGTON, N.C. -- Betty Toler has always had a passion for horses. So much so that she wanted to rescue them from harmful environments and nurse them back to good health.

Since 2012, she's done just that with 32 horses. Toler has three of her own who constantly roam around eating hay in her front yard.

"I decided it was something I wanted to do one day," Toler said.

Toler appears the complete opposite of her daughter Rayne Stevenson when it comes to animals.

One has three healthy, strong horses while investigators say the other let three dogs go hungry.

"That's not the Rayne I know," Toler said.

She was shocked when she found out what Stevenson was accused of doing to her own dogs. She hadn't seen the gruesome pictures of the dog who had to be put down until this interview.

"Oh my god, that is awful," Toler said. Her eyes filled with tears as she looks at the body conditions.

Toler said she absolutely thinks Stevenson should be held accountable for her actions, but there's a bigger issue that needs to be resolved.

She said Stevenson suffers from mental health issues which might cause her to not think clearly at times.

Therefore she said treatment is the better option instead of her daughter being locked away

"I just want her to get help," Toler said.

Toler said she's not making any excuses for what Stevenson has done.

Instead, she says she is doing what any mom would do when their child needs proper care.

"At the same time, that's still my child and I will fight for her," Toler said.

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