‘If you can’t beat them, join them’: Local store owners sell products online

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Cyber Monday is wrapping up the busiest shopping weekend of the year Monday night.

Many local stores can’t complete with places like Amazon and they aren’t offering huge discounts like chains are, but some are trying their best to keep up with them by creating online stores.

Blythe Barton is the owner of Polliwogs, a children’s store in Greensboro. It has an online store.

“I love having this little piece of real estate here in Greensboro but at the same time, I need to be able to communicate and compete with those other customers out there,” Barton said.

Barton said this Thanksgiving weekend, sales online nearby doubled compared to last year.

Store owners, like her, say having a system to sell stuff online isn’t easy.

Sarah-Margaret Church owns a boutique, called Just Be, in downtown Greensboro and Burlington.

Right now, Just Be’s website only offers a small fraction of what they do in store.

“We don't utilize our online store as much as we could,” Church said. “It's a whole other job, another store in itself that you have to work inventory, you have to work orders.”

Both Barton and Church say sales numbers in their stores this weekend are looking good. Church says her stores sales are about 10 percent higher than last year.

The National Retail Federation is expected to release its official sales number for the 2017 Thanksgiving Weekend on Tuesday.

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