Greensboro students get hands-on science lesson

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- When it comes to science in action, teachers will tell you to expect the unexpected.

With the help of students from NC State and UNC Chapel Hill, some Irving Park Elementary School kids are participating in Science Day, where the 4th and 5th-grade classes conduct experiments related to their curriculum.

"We came up with a research question and then they hypothesized," said NC State student Ashley Rabuck Ashley Rabuck. "We did the experiment and I kinda explained what the science was behind it. They wrote their conclusions and wrote what they observed as well. And so they were learning the scientific method and then they were learning the specific principles that went behind the experiments that we did."

For the fourth grade, the lessons were about the properties of gas. For the 5th grade, it was all about chemical reactions.

The combination was a win-win for everyone.

The college students get some much-needed experience working with elementary students. And for the Irving Park kids, they learned an important thing about science -- it can be really fun!

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