Gibsonville Elementary using after-school coding class to spark opportunities

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GIBSONVILLE, N.C. -- It’s not a part of the typical school hours, nor is it after-school care.

It’s more like extended learning.

“With coding you can't do something right or wrong because it's yours you can make it however you want to,” fourth-grader Elijah Sene said.

Elijah, like the more than 30 other fourth- and fifth-graders at Gibsonville Elementary School, are learning the world of computer coding.

“I was really interested in signing up to do computer classes because I was really interested in technology,” said Stacy Cirianl a fifth-grade student.

This is the fourth week for the after-school coding class.

“It's problem solving. It's being able to use technology in a way that solves problems and helps us think more creatively,” Principal Marcy Roan said.

“Coding is mostly showing how to learn a different language,” Elijah said.

The idea to start the class got underway this summer.

“Our principal started talking about coding as something our school could investigate last year and a few other teachers and I went to a couple of coding workshops,” said Stacy Pielow, librarian at Gibsonville Elementary.

Once a week, students meet inside the computer lab and work on different projects.

“Some of them are doing a story program where they get to build stories and put animation into it,” Pielow said.

Gibsonville Elementary is the first elementary school in Guilford County to offer this program.

“We wanted to set ourselves apart and to really make Gibsonville something that people want to come to and our students want to be here and they are going to learn skills that are going to transfer,” Roan said.

Administrators say right now there's a waiting list of students to get into the class.

They say they are looking at ways to expand the program soon.

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