Couple claims to have found dead frog in glass of water at Waffle House

TALLAHASSEEE, Fla. – A Florida couple says they’re baffled after finding a dead frog in a glass of water at a Waffle House restaurant.

WCTV reported that it happened as Claire Sheats and her husband were recently visiting the restaurant in Tallahassee.

“In my husband’s drink, there’s a whole frog just floating around in the water,” Sheats said, according to the TV station.

The couple filed a complaint with the Waffle House corporate office and the state health department.

The restaurant was inspected days later and was found to be in multiple violations, including grease buildup in the cooking area and food residue buildup in the coolers.

“My husband and I have always enjoyed Waffle House. But, being that that happened, it kind of puts a bad taste in your mouth,” Sheats  said.

The restaurant said it is investigating the frog claim and will continue to review the matter.