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Two charged in Davidson County animal abuse case

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LEXINGTON, N.C -- It devastated Gregory McCoy every day to see Tank Struggle to stay alive.

Tank was just one of three emaciated dogs taken from 818 Hargrave Street Monday evening.

"I was in tears," McCoy said.

The other two dogs were taken to the Davison County Animal and expected to make a full recovery.

Police have now charged Wesley and Rayne Stevenson with animal cruelty and misdemeanor child abuse.

McCoy said he came home on Monday and saw tank lying down in the yard.

That's when he had enough and called police that same afternoon.

McCoy said shortly after is when police and animal control arrived and took away all three dogs.

"I'm an animal lover," McCoy said. "This is the first time I've called. I've heard that other people have called."

Other people on Hargrave Street say they've also called police.

Captain Hunt said they got a call on Saturday night about the dogs.

That's when the investigation initially began and McCoy's call on Monday only helped their claims.

He said the couple moved in last year around the summer and would always come and go.

McCoy said he had no idea there were two other dogs inside the house living in crates.

"What they did was wrong and they deserve what they get," McCoy said.

The Davidson County District Attorney's office says the couple could face up to 39 months behind bars depending on their record.

Department of Social Services says there was a child present, but they did not take a child away.

They did however tell the couple that the child cannot live at the home at this time.