Thanks to donation, Greensboro police delivering blankets directly to area homeless

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- "Thanksgiving means being thankful for what you have," said Greensboro Police Officer Larry Roberts, clutching two blankets outside his headquarters the day before Thanksgiving.

Officers like Roberts have plenty to be thankful for, especially those who interact with Greensboro's homeless population on a regular basis.

"It puts it in perspective when you're dealing with, the homeless community, and to see people be thankful just to be here," Roberts said.

Thanks to a donation from a Triad nonprofit and area churches, the department received hundreds of blankets to give directly to the vulnerable. Officers like Roberts will be going directly to homeless camps to make sure people have plenty to stay warm.

"Just the thought of showing that you care, I think that means the world to them," Roberts said. "Whether it be through a blanket, hygiene, anything you can provide them just to help their life a little bit better."

Whatever is leftover will be donated to the Interactive Resource Center and other agencies that help the homeless. The IRC is starting to see more donations come in now that winter is coming, but could still use more hats, coats, gloves, scarves and blankets.

"When we go home at night and we have these nice blankets to keep us warm -- but you know when you're outside anything like that can help make you feel better," said Melanie Yokeley, with the IRC.

Workers at the IRC are grateful for any donations, knowing a blanket can make the difference for the more than 900 people who sleep outside in Greensboro every night.