Charges expected in Davidson County animal abuse case

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LEXINGTON, N.C. -- Police are expected to charge the owner of three dogs who were taken to the Davidson County Animal Shelter Monday evening.

Investigators say the dogs were taken from a house on Hargrave Street. All three were malnourished and emaciated. You could see the rib cages in all three of the dogs.

The animal shelter called Mindy Faircloth, with the Davidson County Animal Alliance, for help.

Faircloth is on a mission to make sure that two of the three pit bull-mix dogs make a full recovery.

Neighbors who live on Hargrave Street witnessed animal control make the rescue.

"They were there for a while and eventually I saw them put a dog in the animal control officer's truck," Samuel Wheeler said.

Faircloth says two of the dogs were found inside of the house living in crates.

"They were knee deep in their own urine and feces," Faircloth said.

The third dog's name is Tank. Faircloth said on a scale from one to 10, Tank was at a one. He was malnourished and his organs began to shut down.

Tank was so hungry that he turned to his tail as the only option for food.

"That was the most emaciated dog I have ever seen and him still be alive and walking," Faircloth said.

She said Tank was in such bad shape, he was put down on Tuesday.

"Just feed the dog and if you can't, there are rescues, there are shelters that can help you," Faircloth said.