1.3 million hitting the road for Thanksgiving in North Carolina

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More than 50 million people are expected to hit the roads for Thanksgiving, including 1.3 million people in North Carolina.

This year's Thanksgiving travel season, which officially runs from Wednesday to Sunday, is expected to be the busiest in more than a decade.

Many people in the Triad who plan to drive say gas prices influenced that decision. For most travelers, driving is still cheaper than flying, but gas prices are much higher this year than during Thanksgiving in 2016.

Gas costs about 32 cents more per gallon this year in North Carolina and about 44 cents more per gallon in South Carolina.

“States that you pass through, the gas prices change, differently, like if I was to drive to New York, I’d probably have to fill up three times going there, but coming back, I’d probably have to fill up four or fives times," Randall Allen said.

Other people say they plan to hit the road no matter what and gas prices don't affect their decision to drive.

“If you’re going to spend time with family, no matter what the gas price is, you’re going to go regardless," Scott Griffin said.

The volume of drivers on North Carolina roads will also go up this year. AAA anticipates a 3 percent increase from 2016.

With more people on the roads comes the increased risk for more crashes, which is one reason why you'll see more law enforcement on the roads this week.

The North Carolina State Highway Patrol will have troopers stationed every 20 miles along Interstate 40 on Wednesday and Sunday, the heaviest travel days of the week.

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