Man found stabbed to death inside Ramseur home identified

RAMSEUR, N.C. -- Police say a man found stabbed and shot to death inside his family's home in Ramseur early Monday morning knew the person, or people, who killed him.

Eugene Cleve Staley, 47, was living with his 8-year-old son at a home owned by a family member on Columbia Avenue.

Police found him dead after a call came in from the neighbors' house around 2:45 a.m. This is the first homicide to take place in Ramseur this year.

A call to 911 describes what happens next.

“A little boy come from across the street, that’s where the address is at, saying somebody killed his dad," the caller told a 911 dispatcher.

Police say the 8-year-old boy ran from his home to find help.

“Said that there was guns and stuff over there and he got stabbed or something," the 911 call says.

“Right now, it’s a possibility that he was stabbed, but I think now they’ve determined it was gunshots," Ramseur Police Chief Larry Lewallen said.

Investigators did not find any guns inside the home.

The child was also injured in the assault on his father, according to police. Neighbors told FOX8 he showed up at their door with no shirt, no shoes, bruises and a laceration on his arm.

“He was beaten, what I would say, severely," Lewallen said.

Police aren't sure how much the child witnessed before he ran out of the home.

“I do know that he was aware that something very, very serious had happened, and he was smart enough to get out and escape and seek help," Lewallen said.

Officers did get some time to talk to the child at Randolph Hospital before he was taken to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, but they'll need to interview him again.

“Given the conditions, the child is extremely upset and we’re think maybe if we give it a little time, he can maybe settle down and give us some more detailed information on what he saw and what took place," Lewallen said.

Police say this killing was likely a targeted attack and that Staley knew his attacker, or attackers.

"I still think this was not a random act," Lewallen said. "I think they came here for a purpose, whatever that purpose was, and carried it out. I don’t think it’s just some evil person stalking the community looking for whatever person they can get.”

Police had responded to the home on Columbia Avenue several time before. A call log shows 13 responses.

The State Bureau of Investigations has taken over this investigation. Agents say it's too early to determine a motive in this case.