Greensboro students paint snowplow blades for city

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- When you are a budding artist and have a big project, preparation is key.

For some 5th-graders at Cone Elementary School in Greensboro, that means protecting their clothing from the tools of their talent -- paint.

Cone is one of five elementary schools painting snow plow blades for the City of Greensboro.

Art teacher Lori Rickard set the project in motion.

"I told the students what they were going to be doing. Gave them about 30 minutes to do a drawing in class using about five different crayons, because we only have five colors of paint and the students voted after 30 minutes on which one they like best per class," she said.

The students know just how important this project is and its translates in their responsibility

"I can work inside my room with kids doing something else and I can set these kids out here free and let them work on the plow," Rickard says. "And I trust them. They're not going to run off. They're not going to throw paint at each other. They're going to do their project."