Customers recover clothes more than a month after Winston-Salem dry cleaners shut down

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- People are finally able to pick up their clothes from a Winston-Salem dry cleaning business more than a month after it shut down.

Rodem Dry Cleaners shut down without notice in October after the building was seized by the Department of Revenue. A DOR spokesperson said the owners owed thousands of dollars in state back-taxes, but on Oct. 17, the agency relinquished full control to the owners and mailed the keys back — leaving the owners free to re-open their doors.

Last week, hand-written notes from customers pleading for their clothes back were all over the front door, along with a summons to small claims court. The listed plaintiff is the landlord and according to the Forsyth County Clerk of Court’s office, the owners of Rodem Dry Cleaners never showed up to the Oct. 27 hearing.

Brian Wright, with the Better Business Bureau, confirmed that his office has received several complaints about the business.

On Monday, the doors to Rodem Dry Cleaners opened and people were allowed inside to pick up their clothes, thanks to the North Carolina Attorney General’s Office.

One man said he was without his work uniforms for weeks. Katherine Watts said her entire winter wardrobe was locked inside.

"We've all been worried sick," Watts said. "It's just really nice to see how many people are thankful to get their clothes back."

It remains unclear what punishment, if any, the owners of Rodem Dry Cleaners will face.