Vote recount confirms Jay Wagner as winner of High Point mayor’s race

Jay Wagner (WGHP file photo)

HIGH POINT, N.C. – After a tight battle, the seat of the mayor in High Point goes to Jay Wagner.

The results were finalized on Friday after all the absentee and provisional ballots were counted and then a recount of the High Point precincts was done.

The vote tally after the absentee and provisional ballots were counted was Wagner with 4,623 and Bruce Davis with 4,582.

Davis asked for a recount of the votes in Guilford County and in the Davidson County precincts within the High Point city limits. The recount confirmed the totals and the Wagner victory.

“It takes everybody in the city to work together to make it great and I’m looking forward to the challenge of being able to do that and I hope that obviously that his supporters they voted the way they did because they believe in High Point and I believe in High Point too,” Wagner told FOX8.

Davis said he’s disappointed that the constituents in the Davidson County side of High Point were able to carry Wagner to victory when Davis won the Guilford County part of the vote.

“Personally, I think there’s a problem there when you have a very small percentage of people who use very little services of High Point in a city of 110,000 that has decided they wanted one person to be the mayor and then yet a small annexed portion gets to override that,” Davis said.

Wagner said that even with the nearly 50/50 vote, winning by just 41 votes, every citizen wants great things for the city, something he intends to do with a plan to do at least one big great thing per year in High Point.

“That’s a form of commonality that we all have and maybe they wanted a different leader than the folks who voted for me but I think that we all want a better High Point and I think we can achieve that common ground and move forward on that basis.”

Davis doesn’t have any set plans for the near future. Wagner said he’d be more than willing to let Davis find a place in helping High Point move forward.

“So many citizens of High Point have a lot of trust confidence and faith in me, so who knows, we’ll just let it play out,” Davis said.