Homicide suspect leads Winston-Salem police in chase that ends in crash

Winston-Salem police and investigators work at the scene of a chase and collision at the corner of North Patterson Avenue and Germanton Road on Friday. Police said offiers were chasing a homicide suspect when he drove through the intersection and collided with another vehicle. (Winston-Salem Journal)

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — A man wanted in a local homicide led authorities on a short police chase Friday that ended in a collision, the Winston-Salem Journal reports.

The suspect, who was traveling along Patterson Avenue in a gray car, ran a red light and collided with a black van in the intersection of Germanton Road before he was apprehended about noon, police said.

“We received intelligence that a wanted individual was in town in our jurisdiction and attempted to take him into custody,” said Capt. Mike Weaver of the special operations division. “It was a very short chase that ended in a small collision.”

The suspect, whose name was not readily available, received “a small bump on the head” and was taken to hospital for examination, Weaver said. No other injuries were reported.

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