Grant Hill, retired 7-time NBA All-Star, speaks out about non-opioid alternatives for pain medication

Somewhere, says Dr. Paul Sethi, we got off track.

“As physicians, we want to do our very best to treat pain,” says Dr. Sethi, an orthopedic surgeon. “As a consequence, we tend to give too many pain pills because we don’t want to leave your child on a Saturday night in a lot of pain after surgery with very few options of how to address that pain.”

And after 19 years in the NBA - and 11 surgeries because of the wear and tear that comes with it - former Duke star, Grant Hill knows what it’s like to be on the patient end of things.

“Going back to 2000 to 2005, I had six surgeries in that time frame,” says Hill. “And I had such a severe reaction to the pain medication, to the opioids, I didn’t like the way my body responded, so I inquired.”

What he discovered was there were other options. That’s what Hill and Dr. Sethi - a former college athlete, himself, and Team doctor to a number of professional teams - are hoping more Americans will do.

“In the same way that you’d ask your surgeon, ‘Well, doctor, how many surgeries have you done,’” says Dr. Sethi, “I would encourage patients to ask your doctor, ‘Well, doctor, how are you going to help me manage my pain, afterward and are there non-opioid alternatives.’”

Hear from both Dr. Sethi and Grant Hill in this interview.