One month later, Winston-Salem cleaners still closed, customers without clothes

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- It's been one month, and customers of Rodem Dry Cleaners are still without their clothes.

The business shut down without notice in October after the building was seized by the Department of Revenue. A DOR spokesperson said the owners owed thousands of dollars in state back-taxes, but on Oct. 17, the agency relinquished full control to the owners and mailed the keys back -- leaving the owners free to re-open their doors.

As of Monday, that still hasn't happened. Hand-written notes from customers pleading for their clothes back plaster the front door, along with a summons to small claims court. The listed plaintiff is the landlord and according to the Forsyth County Clerk of Court's office, the owners of Rodem Cleaners never showed up to the Oct. 27 hearing.

Brian Wright, with the Better Business Bureau, confirmed that his office has received several complaints about the business.

"We've reached out to the business and we're not getting much response at all," Wright said. "One of the interesting things is more complaints continue to come in, and when we send them to the company, we have received some responses -- but, the BBB went a step further to reach out to say, 'When are you going to open your doors to the public to let them have their clothing back?' We haven't received any response to those."

One customer said her entire winter wardrobe was being stored there and is locked inside. She said her next stop was the courthouse to file a small claims suit.

The Attorney General's Office has received four complaints regarding Rodem Cleaners to its Consumer Protection Division. FOX8 will remain in contact with the Attorney General's Office as the situation moves forward.