More sexual assault victims seeking help in the Triad

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- From Harvey Weinstein to Kevin Spacey and now, Senate candidate Roy Moore, the list of accusers coming forward gets longer every day.

"We're seeing a real movement around people coming forward, talking about experiences with sexual assault, sexual harassment," said Catherine Johnson, director of the Guilford County Family Justice Center. "It's a powerful time for the movement."

It’s a movement Johnson says isn't just happening in Hollywood or Washington, D.C., but also in the Piedmont.

"We've seen quite an uptick in folks coming in and primarily reporting sexual assault," she said.

The Guilford County Family Justice Center links victims of sexual violence to support groups and counseling.

Johnson says normally they serve 30 to 40 clients a month who've been victims of sexual violence.

But in September, that number jumped to 45. And in October, it increased to 67.

"It can be everything from unwanted touching, unwanted attention to obviously sexual acts," Johnson said.

It’s a number she thinks has grown as more accusers share their stories, some sharing on social media under the hashtag "Me Too."

"With this amount of attention on it, it does build that momentum in helping people feel more safe to report," Johnson said.

Johnson says she hopes the momentum will send an important message to anyone who has been the victim of sexual violence.

"It's not your fault,” Johnson said. “This happened to you, it wasn't because of something that you did."

If you've been the victim of sexual violence, you can call the Guilford County Justice Center at (336) 641-SAFE.​