Good Samaritan wants to connect with victim he helped save in Davidson County

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DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. -- Mike George described it like hearing an explosion, followed by metal grinding. It happened Wednesday night just a couple of cars ahead of him as he was traveling north to Raleigh on Interstate 85. An SUV crashed into a truck, shutting down all four lanes of traffic.

"The entire front end was smashed in, they couldn't even get in the driver-side door it was so messed up," George said.

George didn't hesitate and decided he needed to help in whatever way he could.

"I was able to stop and put my car in a position to block traffic," he said.

George remembers the truck driver was responsive and says there were other people starting to pull over to help with the two drivers. He rushed to the SUV.

"It just all kicked in and when I saw her bobbing her head I knew right away we had to secure the neck," George said. "I checked her pulse, airways and breathing, you know the ABCs, and finally got her to become conscious after a few minutes."

The teacher at Robinson High School in Concord actually taught CPR in classes during college in a prior job, and stayed with the victim long enough for her to regain consciousness and to get her first name, Peggy.

Now he's trying to connect with her. After calling Wake Forest Baptist Regional Medical Center, they were able to tell him she was alive, but no further details.

"She was just a trooper through the whole thing, it was amazing," George said. "She really fought hard to keep the pain down and I just wanted to say, someone like that I want to meet. See how [she's] doing."