Davidson County homeowners catch intruder in house, hold him at gunpoint until police arrive

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THOMASVILLE, N.C. -- It was a scary encounter for Rodney Young and his family over the weekend.

They had just finished having a family gathering at his house.

Everyone left and Young went to work inside his backyard shed.

Things were calm until his wife got home and noticed something was a bit off.

"There's a man laying on the floor and my wife knows I have some medical issues," Young said. "She thought I fell out on the floor."

Young said his wife pulled out her pistol when she realized it was a home intruder, forced the man down the garage stairs and called police.

While Young was out back, he got a call from 911 telling him what was going on inside his house. He quickly ran through the back door and pulled out his gun.

"I said, 'You are going to lay on the ground and you're going to lay there until the cops come,'" Young said.

He gave the man, identified as Dustin Lee Sheppard, fair warning to not pull out a knife he was carrying.

"You don't know what that man's going to do to your wife," Young said.

Young said he knew what he would do if the intruder turned violent.

"He should be blessed I did not kill him," Young said. "If he ever shows up on my property, or anybody else, I'll do the same thing but it might end up worse."

The Davidson County Sheriff's Office said Sheppard was under the influence of a substance at the time of the incident.

He is charged with misdemeanor breaking and entering.