Video captures stolen truck set on fire in High Point

HIGH POINT, N.C. -- High Point Fire Department investigators are asking for the public's help in identifying the suspects who lit a truck on fire on Nuggett Road.

Surveillance footage shows a white 2015 Dodge Ram 3500 pull over to the side of the road, followed by a black sedan. You can see the truck driver get out as the truck starts pouring out black smoke.

"If there's more than one person involved, there's somebody out there who knows what's going on," said Assistant Fire Chief Mike Levins, who is investigating this case.

The truck was reported stolen on Sept. 24 from 2000 Russell Ave. The owner tells FOX8 he left it parked at his sister's house before leaving town for the weekend. He could not recall if he locked it or not.

"If you know this vehicle, if you recognize, I know the video is not all that clear, but some people may recognize somebody that they know and give us a call," Levins said. "Nobody wants to get involved until it happens to them and then they want everybody to get involved."

If you have any information on this crime, you can call Crimestoppers at (336) 889-4000.