Toddler slams into windshield after woman chases boyfriend at 90 mph, deputies say

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Justine Olesky

PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. — A Florida woman was arrested Sunday after a 3-year-old girl flew into the windshield of her car from the woman slamming on the brakes in a 90 mph car chase, deputies told WFTS.

Justine Olesky, 33, is charged with child abuse and domestic battery.

Before the incident that injured the 3-year-old, deputies say Olesky got into a physical fight with her boyfriend while the toddler stood next to her.

Once the boyfriend left, Olesky allegedly put the girl in the passenger seat of her car without a seat belt on and chased after him. Deputies say Olesky reached speeds of 90 mph in a residential neighborhood.

Olesky hit her brakes when she saw her boyfriend, causing the child’s head to slam into the windshield. The girl hit her head so hard it cracked the windshield, deputies said.

Deputies who responded to the scene said Olesky didn’t seem concerned about the child and “continued to talk about her boyfriend,” WFTS reports.

The child was taken to the hospital and did not suffer serious injuries.

Olesky was placed in jail under a $12,500 bond.