Panthers running backs sing ‘Lean On Me’ to fan who lost her husband

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Panthers running backs Fozzy Whittaker, Christian McCaffrey and Jonathan Stewart recently lifted the spirits of a fan who was going through a hard time.

Lynn Leonhardt, of California, is a huge Panthers fan and lost her husband earlier this year.

Leonhardt’s friends flew her to Charlotte to see her beloved team play and they also arranged for the special surprise from the Panthers’ running backs.

“I was ushered into the studio and there before me were Christian McCaffrey, Jonathan Stewart on the keyboards — friends — and I was serenaded and then Fozzy Whittaker came out,” Leonhardt said in a video the team posted on their official Twitter page.

With McCaffrey and Stewart on the keyboards and Whittaker on vocals, the trio performed the song “Lean on Me” for Leonhardt.

“They sang a song that had a lot of meaning to me because I recently lost my husband and this was a trip to know that the love is still here,” Leonhardt said. “It’s a light in a dark tunnel that I’ve had. It’s going to be something that will help sustain me, that will create incredible memories going forward. It’s the culmination of everything good.”

Speaking to radio host David Glenn on Thursday afternoon, Whittaker said the trio had only practiced for about 10 minutes prior to the serenade.

“We knew she was going through a tough time and had never experienced a game so we wanted to make sure it was special for her,” Whittaker told Glenn. “We wanted her to understand that she has us in her corner.”