Lexington police holding community meetings to address crime concerns

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LEXINGTON, N.C. – All it takes is three words for James Hewitt to describe the speeding on Fairview Drive.

"It's just dangerous," Hewitt said.

Hewitt said cars and even semi-trucks are zooming through this narrow two-lane road.

He said the road traffic has changed as more people cut through to get to businesses on Cotton Grove Road.

His biggest concern is for the safety of children.

Hewitt said drivers pay no attention as his daughter stands by the bus stop.

"I stand with her way up here on the driveway because they're going so fast," Hewitt said.

This same concern is just up the road at Marty Lohr’s house.

"Just skids marks and you kind of cringe just waiting for a crash," Lohr said.

Lohr said it’s not the only the speeding, but stealing that concerns him.

He had to install four security cameras after someone stole packages from his front porch.

"You can't catch everybody," Lohr said.

It’s these concerns the Lexington Police Department want to hear about.

The department holds community meetings in different neighborhoods every week to find the core problems in that area.

Police said the most common issue is speeding. It's a problem Hewitt wants to help police crackdown on.

"I've even called the police and said you guys can come and sit in my driveway or you can sit in my neighbors driveway,” Hewitt said. “We need to slow these trucks and semis down a little bit."