Guilford County sees drop in crime in using various platforms to spread information

GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — From surveillance pictures to the smallest piece of information, Detective R.D. Seals with Guilford County Sheriff's Office says it all helps when it comes to fighting crime.

“If we have a suspect description, a vehicle, getting that information out to our residents,” Seals said.

Seals says the sheriff’s office has been focusing on using platforms like Next Door, Twitter and Facebook for the past year, a focus he thinks has helped create a county-wide drop in crime.

The sheriff’s office says there's been a 10 percent drop in crime reported in the unincorporated sections of Guilford County, mainly property crimes.

Seals says there's been an 18 percent drop in burglaries reported from January to October 2016 to January to October 2017.

Within the same year, he says there’s been an eight percent drop in larceny.

Seals says besides using social media, the sheriff's office has also stepped up its efforts with community watch groups.

"Any invitation that any community group has to the sheriff’s office to try to address and problem in their community or among their business, we're always there," Seals said.

Nicole Rafferty is on the Brightwood Farms Homeowners Association in Whitsett.

"Just kind of keeping us aware of what's going on," Rafferty said.

She's noticed the extra alerts and crime tips sent to her and other neighbors and says it's a big help.

"We get the Christmas break-ins that everybody does when people don't lock their cars and the opportunity things, but overall we're pretty safe out here,” she said.

The sheriff’s office says they have still seen increases in other crimes.

Seals says there was a slight uptick in homicides and aggravated assaults in the county from 2016 to 2017.