Upgrades coming to Freedom Park in Eden

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EDEN, N.C. -- Eden Parks and Recreation Director Johnny Farmer can't wait to see Freedom Park's new look.

"We are very excited about the things that are happening and I think they will continue to be happening," he said.

Over the next three to four weeks, city teams will begin transforming a corner of Freedom Park into a dog park.

"The dogs in our community they are like people, they like to socialize," Farmer said. "And we feel like those that don't use our park, this is an opportunity to use it."

At a little over an acre, the dog park will sit at the corner of East Stadium Drive and North Edgewood Road. Eden leaders chose this section of Freedom Park because it's near summer shade trees and other necessary features for a dog park.

"We already have some of the infrastructure here with the parking lot," Farmer said. "Only thing we need is to put the fencing up, run the water line and fences and trash cans."

Farmer said the dog park's $35,000 price is reasonable. Along with the dog park, the nature trail will be resurfaced and picnic tables will be added. Near the nature trail, 10 RV pads will be built. Grant money will cover the cost of this project. Farmer said the RV pads are needed because Freedom Park hosts around 40 baseball and softball tournaments a year that bring in teams from outside of North Carolina. So Freedom Park is not only a recreational spot, it's also an economic booster for Eden.

"When we had people coming in here every weekend, they are at the restaurants and gas stations, using the hotel rooms," Farmer said. "So this is something very big for our community."

Timothy Woods likes the basketball courts that were built at Freedom Park a few years ago. He feels the new dog park, nature trial and RV pads will bring in a lot of people.

"I think it's a great park, especially since we don't have that many attractions," Woods said.

The dog park and nature trail should be finished in the spring.