Funeral home shut down for alleged jewelry theft from bodies, mixed-up ashes and dirty embalming tables

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – A mortuary in Salt Lake City has had its license suspended after two former employees alleged wrongdoing.

KSTU reported that Carver Mortuary had its license taken away last week after a committee examined testimony from the employees.

Part of a report released that details the incident claims that employees were, "placing fetal remains or infants in the same retort as a deceased adult person." A retort is a chamber were bodies are placed for cremation.

Another part of the report reads that bodies were, "outside of the refrigeration room for periods of a day or more."

A former employee told the committee that it was common practice to, "keep jewelry, watches, rings, and other personal property and not deliver those items to the decedents' family."

Read more: KSTU

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