Northern Davidson County neighborhood seeing lots of coyotes

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DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. – Neil Hege has set up four traps to prevent coyotes from ruining his produce.

"Tear it down, don't eat all of it, but they ruin it, that takes money out of your pocket," Hege said.

He has been a licensed coyote trapper for the past few years.

"I caught 12 off our farm alone last year," Hege, who lives on Joe Hege Road, said.

This same headache is felt in Wade Geouge’s neighborhood on Williams Meadow Lane too.

"They need to go," Geouge said.

Coyotes invaded his personal space just earlier this week.

"Three were standing right in this area," Geouge said.

This dangerous encounter instilled fear in his own backyard as his three grandkids play outside.

Geouge showed where he now monitors coyotes in the woods behind his house.

Within minutes, there was action.

"Coyote just ran through the opening up there," Geouge said.

The animal was gone in flash.

It’s a reason why some people have now taken matters in their own hands.

"The route that I chose to take," Geouge said.

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