Pleasant Garden neighbors speak out about proposed quarry

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PLEASANT GARDEN, N.C. -- It's every piece of information the "No Quarry Here" group needs to prevent a proposed rock quarry. They took binders full of their concerns to the Guilford County Board of Commissioners public hearing meeting Thursday evening.

It's information as to why they think a rock quarry is bad for their community.

"Probably 3,000 feet from our property line," resident Jennie Oakley said.

She lives in the section which directly touches where the proposed quarry will be.

Her main concern stems from her grandfather, who died working at a rock quarry.

Oakley said dust was the factor.

"I was in the second grade when I lost my grand-daddy and you have the memory of him dying back then -- what they called an oxygen tent," Oakley said.

Quarry concerns hit deep for Gerald Hall as quality water is everything.

"So if I lose my water, that's my livelihood," Hall said. "I lose it all,"

Hall owns and operates an egg and produce farm.

He refuses to let this rock quarry end up just 100 feet from his property line.

"We're going be exposed to a lot of things we're not used to and right now we don't intend for that to happen," Hall said.

It's these concerns in which Lehigh Hanson Manufacturing attorney Tom Terrell will dispute.

"There are all sorts of claims that we are having respond to, but we're hoping this board will listen to the facts and not the fears," Terrell said.

The attorney said he doesn't know why this is a big deal since there are five other quarries in the area.

"What we propose on this quarry will be nothing different than what these other quarries do," Terrell said.

Residents say they're not against progress. It's progress that's detrimental they won't stand for.

"And that quarry is it," Hill said.