Day After Halloween Wellness: Tummy Troubles and more

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Trick-or-treating is a fun tradition, but can often lead to massive amounts of candy and sweets. Excessive candy consumption in children can lead to stomach aches, diarrhea and other unpleasant symptoms. If your child feels sick Halloween night or the next day, there are a few things you can do to ease their discomfort:

  • Avoid dairy – dairy is hard for the body to digest and will only add to their stomach ache.
  • Avoid juice – juice and other concentrated drinks can be high in sugar and acidic.
  • Stick to clear liquids – it’s important to stay hydrated, and water or broth are the best liquids when you are feeling sick.
  • Stick to plain foods – like bread, crackers or chicken soup
  • Avoid fried or greasy foods

Not all post-Halloween illnesses are from eating too many sweets. If your child has severe pain, vomiting, fever or a sore throat, it’s important to have them evaluated by a physician. At Cone Health Urgent Care, we search for the right diagnosis and treatment for each individual that walks through our doors.

On Halloween night, while kids are trying to keep up with their siblings or are having fun running around with their friends, injuries from tripping and fall can happen. It can range from scraped knees or chins to more serious injuries like broken bones. If you notice that your child is avoiding using one arm or leg, limping, complaining of pain, experiences swelling, or won’t let you touch an arm or a leg because it hurts, they may have broken or fractured it, and should be seen by a medical professional.

In general, moderation is usually safer and healthier than overdoing it. Halloween can be a good opportunity to help teach your children about moderation, while trick or treating and throughout the year.

Spokesperson Background:

Dr. David Massey is an urgent care physician at Cone Health MedCenter Kernersville Urgent Care and a member of Cone Health Medical Group. Dr. Massey completed medical school at Jefferson Medical College and his family medicine residency at Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital. He has more than 20 years of experience as a family medicine physician.

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