Woman says road rage incident forced her SUV into guardrail on US 52

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- A King woman says she was the victim of a road rage incident during rush hour on U.S. 52 in Winston-Salem Thursday evening.

“He was just angry, and mad and he was going to get his revenge one way or another,” said the victim, Tamara Benner.

Benner said she and the rest of the drivers on the stretch of the highway were stuck in traffic. She had noticed a man in a truck behind her, but at first, didn’t think anything of him. But that changed when traffic began to let up.

“Getting a little more room, got up to speed, he’s still right on my tail to the point that I can literally see him like he’s sitting in my back seat,” Benner said.

As they traveled down the highway, Benner tells FOX8 she tapped her brakes when it looked as though another driver was going to merge into her lane.

“Evidently that made him very angry,” she said.

Benner detailed the man then moving into the right lane before turning back into hers, directly in the path of her SUV.

“He literally is looking at me as he’s coming over on me,” she said.

Benner says the truck then collided with the front of her vehicle, pushing her off the road and into a guardrail.

“It was just a ton of crunching,” she said. “I was just being jerked back and forth.”

At that point, Benner says the man fishtailed before driving away. She contemplated following him, she added, but decided against it due to his erratic driving.

“I literally feel like he was trying to kill me and didn’t care who else got taken out in the process,” she said.

Benner described the man as middle-aged, with a heavy build, with possible facial hair and wearing a bright green or yellow shirt. The vehicle in question, she said, was an older model box-style burgundy pickup, believed to be a Chevrolet.

Benner added that she is sore in her shoulder and back, but says what stands out to her most -- outside of the incident itself -- was the outpouring of support immediately after the crash and in the hours following. Benner says several people stopped to help her, many of them providing cellphone numbers so they could provide witness statements to Winston-Salem police.

Police say the incident is still under investigation.