Construction causing delays at intersection of Battleground, New Garden in Greensboro

GREENSBORO, N.C. – A mix of traffic, crashes and construction are causing big delays at some intersections on Battleground Avenue in north Greensboro.

"All I know that as an area resident, that day in and day out, it has created significant problems for traveling," said Mark Hunnemann, who lives nearby.

Construction at the intersection of Battleground Avenue and New Garden Road is part of a group of intersection improvements by the city of Greensboro.

While it's slowing down a lot of commuters, many of them think widening the road will help solve the congestion problem.

"When I was a child, out here was the boondocks, really," Hunnemann said about his neighborhood.

When you look at the intersection of Battleground Avenue and New Garden Road now, it's hard to believe that's Hunnemann's earliest memory of north Greensboro.

"Greensboro has done a lot of growing since I've been here," he said.

"This intersection has become very busy," said Bridgett Wilmoth, who commutes through the area.

The city planned to update Battleground Avenue at a few intersections several years ago to meet the growing number of cars on the road.

"A lot of traffic. A lot of businesses growing," Wilmoth said. "The roads need to widen so that it's easier for people to commute."

When this section's done by the end of the year, the intersection will have brand new features. Crews are widening the road to include a southbound right turn lane from Battleground Avenue onto New Garden Road and a dual eastbound left turn lane from New Garden Road onto Battleground Avenue.

New Garden Road will have a concrete median and new pavement throughout the intersection.

"They need to pave over the holes and the cracks in the road, less wear and tear on your cars, I mean in general it just needs to be done," Wilmoth said.

Commuters and residents say all the construction means traffic is getting worse, which could be causing more accidents.

Just look at the numbers. From January 1 to this day, October 27, of each year, you can see the number of crashes go up.

2012 - 16
2013 - 19
2014 - 19
2015 - 23
2016 - 25
2017 - 27

"I don't know why Battleground during work hours is so busy, but it is. It' silk this every day," Hunnamann said. "It's not just 5 o'clock traffic, it's all day long."

It may be causing a big slow down, but if it ultimately improves the flow of traffic, many commuters say the inconvenience is worth it.

"I really appreciate what the city is doing, and I know that it can't be done overnight, so I guess it just takes, you need to be patient," Hunnamann said.