Back Health: Continuum of Care

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Back pain can be debilitating, and limit you from doing the things you love. In Greensboro, our multidisciplinary team of surgeons, physicians, and rehabilitation specialists are dedicated to making the process smooth for patients: from diagnosis to rehab.

To help enhance patient care, our program focuses on patient education from beginning to end. Before surgery, patients will receive education about the type of surgery they’ll be having, the hospital environment and what to expect before and after the surgery takes place. They have access to their physician, surgeon and a rehab specialist in case they have questions.  Recovery from spinal surgery can be long, but it’s worth the hard work! Your physicians and rehab specialists want you to be prepared for the time it will take to get back to normal activity.

The best outcomes happen when patients and physicians work together as partners. Your physicians’ goal is to help you get back to a better quality of life than you had before surgery, but it does take time to heal. They want to make a lasting difference in your life, and they work to tailor each patient’s care plan to their specific needs.

Physician Background:

Dr. Kyle Cabbell is a neurosurgeon in Greensboro and the medical director of the Neurosurgery Intensive Care Unit. Dr. Cabbell received a Bachelor of Science in physics from Stanford University. He completed medical school through the Drew/UCLA Medical Education Program and his residency in neurosurgery at the University of Michigan.

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