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New details on a chase, deadly crash on Battleground Avenue

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Guilford County Sheriff BJ Barnes says we could know by Wednesday if the department will change its pursuit policy.

Attorney Drew Brown represents families of two victims killed in a crash on Battleground Avenue. Brown says they want the policy changed.

The crash happened after a deputy started chasing a car that was reported stolen. The driver took off, then crashed into another car on Battleground Avenue more than three weeks ago.

Today, Brown met with the sheriff’s office attorneys to discuss creating changes and to review the dash camera footage.

"It's not about blame,” Brown said. “It happened, nothing we can do can bring our clients back.”

Brown says the video showed the deputy driving with his lights and siren on, reaching up to 128 mph.

“128 mph on Battleground is way over the line,” Brown said.

He says his clients want the sheriff’s office to create a max speed limit of 100 mph during a chase.

They also want deputies to follow the Greensboro police pursuit policy in the city limit. Brown says it is more specific about when a pursuit is warranted.

Greensboro police confirmed with FOX8 that they pulled the same reported stolen car over two weeks before the accident. The driver took off, but they did not pursue because of their policy.

“What matters is that we get together as a community, have a discussion so that these two police departments work together and have similar policies,” Brown said. “What makes sense so that fewer people die? This isn't the first time somebody's died as a result of this and if we don't stop it, it won't be the last.”

Barnes hopes to make a decision by Wednesday.

”We are going to review the policy we are going to take the things they've asked us into consideration and I am going to meet with my staff on it,” Barnes said.

Brown also told us a Greensboro detective told him the car that took off turned out not to be stolen, the report was a misunderstanding. Greensboro police would not confirm that.