Parents speak out after school bus caught not using stop arm in Asheboro

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ASHEBORO, N.C. -- Parents of students in Asheboro City Schools are concerned after video emerged of a dangerous school bus stop.

A FOX8 viewer captured video early Friday morning of elementary school students crossing Central Avenue to board their bus that wasn't using a stop arm of flashing lights to help halt traffic.

"I was about to blow by the school bus," Chad Nixon said. He took the video while driving a tractor-trailer on his daily route and said the only reason he stopped was because the car in front of him did--otherwise, he's afraid he wouldn't have seen the children.

FOX8 showed the video to parents waiting to pick their children up from the same bus stop Friday afternoon.

Shaun Lindsey gets his niece every Friday and said seeing video of the incident was shocking.

"A kid could get run over because they aren't using the sidearm and it's very careless," Lindsey said. "Something needs to be done."

FOX8 reached out to Asheboro City Schools to find out why the incident happened.

Dr. Sean McWherter, Executive Director of Student Services, sent FOX8 this statement in response:

“The safety and security of students is our number one priority. The district has conducted an investigation and spoken with the bus driver. Upon learning about this situation, our bus maintenance division immediately completed a thorough bus mechanical inspection. We have learned there was a malfunction with the mechanism that interrupted the stop lights, stop arm, and crossing gate from deploying. The bus driver activated the stop arms, stop lights, and crossing gate as trained, but was unaware of the malfunction at the time. Students are trained to wait for hand signals from their bus drivers and in this situation, they waited for the appropriate signals from their bus driver.

Prior to leaving the district’s bus lot, a pre-inspection was conducted in the presence of the district’s transportation director. We continue to provide ongoing training for our bus drivers and maintenance personnel.

We are committed to ensuring the safety of students whether they are at school, on their way to school, or on their way home.”

The students were headed to Balfour Elementary School in Asheboro.