Donation box helping cancer patients stolen from Davidson County gas station

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DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. -- Kamil Boulos didn't think twice about sitting a donation box out inside of his Shell gas station on Becks Church Road in Davidson County.

“The managers asked me, 'Are you going to fasten this to the counter?' and I said, 'Well I don't think I will do that. Most people or I assumed all people will understand the need,'” he said.

The money from the box goes towards a foundation close to Boulos and his family's heart.

“All the funds go 100 percent to the cause on the ninth floor in the cancer center at Brenner Children’s [Hospital],” he said.

Boulos and his wife started the Hope and Love Foundation back in 2015 after their daughter Rima was diagnosed with leukemia in 2010. She went into remission in 2014.

“Now we expanded the services at the hospital. We have the love pantry which is still going, which is providing snacks and meals to the families and the patients,” he said.

However, Wednesday afternoon workers at the Shell station say a woman came into the store, distracting the cashier and taking the box, which had $140 inside.

The money collected each month goes to the foundation help patients and their families at Brenner.

“I’m surprised that someone would do such a thing. We forgive the person. We have forgiven the person that has done this, me and my wife, and we decided to pray for that person,” Boulos said.

Although this happened the Hope and Love Foundation is continuing its work.

Deputies are still looking for the person behind this.​